Mission Statement

Mission Statement For The Atomic Biology Institute

Our great western society that has been a defender of democracy, an opportunity for the hard-working, and an inspiration through beneficial moral standards, is drifting into a chasm where greed, deception, self-centeredness, and Godlessness are destroying the good and beneficial foundations laid by our forefathers.

The mission of The Atomic Biology Institute is to help reverse this trend by overturning one
of the worst deceptions that is tearing down the greatest aspect of our society. This is the
intentional discrediting of the enormous work and care provided to each of us by our Creator, the God of our nations (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more).

The enforced, exclusive, false teaching now that ‘evolution’ explains the origin and cause of
life, and that we are just modified monkeys with no special purpose or part in this world, is
destroying the dignity and gratitude of our people, especially our youth.

It is almost past the time when education can be changed to teach the encouraging truth of
God’s enormous work and care for each person, and to remove the destructive lie that is trying to rule Him out of existence. He has a right to be angry.

The newly discovered, God-based life science of ‘atomic biology’ can be used to bring the
credit for Life back to our caring Creator. We believe that learning the details of His enormous work and care for each of us will help bring back an attitude of gratitude.

It is difficult to be grateful and depressed at the same time.


(a) To advance education by furthering the research and development of the new life-science of “Atomic Biology” including the development of applications of the science in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, nutrition, medicine, and all related areas of physical and mental health for the benefits of society.

(b) To advance education by making the results of this research and development available to schools, colleges, universities, and government.

(c) To advance education by publicizing results of this research and development through the distribution of literature, textbooks, presentations, media interviews through radio, television, print media, social media, conferences, public meetings, courses, seminars, and workshops.