Directors & Officers – BIOS

Thomas W. RogersDirector/President
Graham C. McLennanDirector/Vice President
Bonnie L. RogersDirector/Secretary/Treasurer
Gerald R. BergmanDirector/Speaker
Norman D. WrightDirector/Advisor

Thomas W. Rogers is an independent researcher, author, and president of Reality Research & Development Inc., The Atomic Biology Institute, and Lifetime Reference Guides Inc.  He studied at three universities plus two other educational institutes and received awards in biology, chemistry, and physics.  His work background prior to 1987 was in engineering, research, manufacturing, and construction. In the development of the new life-science of “atomic biology,” he spent 20 years part-time and 12 years full-time to date at a personal cost of over $1.2 million Cdn. In 1987 he began to explore a level of biology deeper than the molecular level and in 2007, development of the science became a full-time calling.  Atomic biology is the study of the essential physical works with atoms for constructing cell-parts, cells, and us. With input from 44 other scholars to date, Tom has written two primers with the help of co-author Dr. Graham McLennan and in 2019 they were joined by Dr. Gerald Bergman to author a study/textbook plus a summary edition primarily for students and congregations.  The Atomic Biology Institute was established in 2018 to begin developing further applications of this new life-science which will benefit education, medicine, food production, and related values

Thomas W Rogers

Dr. Graham C. McLennan received his degree in Dentistry from Sydney University. He served as a Captain in the Australian Army, received the Defence Medal and the National Serviceman’s Medal. In addition to being a retired dental surgeon and tutor at the nearby University Dental School, has served on many other national and international Christian boards and charities, as well as co-authoring a number of Christian books and articles. Graham and his wife, Pam, founded Australia’s National Alliance of Christian Leaders (NACL) in 1973. Later, they founded the Christian History Research Institute. He also initiated the National Christian Heritage Sunday celebrations in 2012 and received the Presidential Medal from the President of Vanuatu for “services to the nation.”

Dr. Graham Mclennan President of the National Alliance of Christian Leaders

Bonnie L. Rogers received her RN in 1967 and BScN in 2002.  Shortly thereafter she became the Nurse-in-Charge of 17 operating theatres at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC.  Her long nursing career in operating rooms as well as related science studies has provided her with in-depth experience and understanding of virtually all the highly complex workings of the human body.  Even the surgeons with their specialties do not get such prolonged inspection and understanding of the broad varieties of human parts and functions.  In addition to authoring a nine-book training course for operating room nurses, she has been an encourager, researcher, and overall supporter for her husband Tom’s research and development work for this new life-science of Atomic Biology.

Dr. Gerald R. Bergman is a multi-award-winning professor and author. He has taught biology, biochemistry, anatomy and genetics, psychology, and other courses for over 40 years at the University of Toledo, the Medical College of Ohio, Bowling Green State University, and other colleges.  His 9 degrees include a doctorate from Wayne State University in Detroit, and 5 graduate degrees in science and medicine.  The 1,026 college credits he has earned, is the equivalent to almost 20 masters degrees and this makes him one of the most highly educated scientists in the world.  His 1400 + publications are in over 1500 college libraries in 27 countries.  He has been an invited speaker over 2000 times at colleges, universities, and churches in America, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Dr. Jerry Bergman, Professor of Biology, Author, and Speaker

Norman D. Wright has extensive management and corporate training experience that was gained through 30 years of expertise as a business owner/CEO. He is a Dale Carnegie World Class Instructor in the areas of Leadership, Business Management, Customer Relations and Personal Development.  As a young man, he began his working life as a Certified Hospital Engineer through the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. As a business owner and expert in his field, he pursued further certifications through the University of Central Missouri School of Graduate Studies. Much of his current work includes teaching professional and personal development programs and he is a designated World Class Instructor in these fields.  His teaching skills will no doubt be a major asset in developing educational materials for this new life-science of Atomic Biology.