Atomic Biology — Revealing the True Origin and Cause of Life


In these days of fake news, photo-shopping of pictures, lying, broken promises, random shootings, gender-changing, immorality, and so many other upsetting behaviors, is it any wonder why the confusion causes distrust, anxiety, depression, addictions, and suicides?

It is time to start clearly understanding why America and the rest of the world can say knowingly and truthfully, “IN GOD WE TRUST” and why the first line of the Canadian Constitution says, “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law: … ”

A main goal of this Institute is to provide some simple, solid, logical knowledge and reasons to trust and rely on our awesome Creator for truth, wisdom, and His enormous work and care for each one of us, every second of every day. Being accepted as one of His children can be a joyful position for anyone, including students seeking good and solid direction for their lives.

After all the research and debate since Charles Darwin published his Theory of Evolution in 1859, the clear, simple, and solid resolution is this: Mankind has proven over the last seventy+ years that we do not have anywhere near enough intelligence to build any living cell from “scratch” (elements), e.g. like building any carrot root cell out of dirt and water. This verifies that intelligence, far above mankind’s level, is essential to build all living cell parts, cells, and entities, including us. We call it “Super-Intelligence.”

There is only one such super-intelligent entity known to man, and that is our Creator, the triune God of our focus nations (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more).

Evolution, by definition having no intelligence to use, is factually falsified and truthfully out of the running as both the origin and the cause of Life. Any “Change over time” is caused by the Creator who builds every living cell-part out of atoms from the dust.

This newly discovered and developed Life-science of “Atomic Biology ” shows how we are all amazingly made by our super-intelligent Creator. He has probably been using this science from the beginning. There is an enormous amount of super-intelligent work, phenomenal care, and constant commitment essential to make all our grown foods from atoms in the dust of gardens, fields, orchards, and seas, then to make our cell-parts, cells, and us using atoms from our foods.

The awesome complexity of the design and construction works to make our cells and us has already convinced many former evolutionists to drop their belief in Darwin’s theory.

The name of this new science, “Atomic Biology,” may sound complex to some, however, the basics are simple enough for a fifth-grader to understand, like this:

  1.  From grade five science –  all material things (including our cells and us) are amazingly     made of atoms, “the building blocks of the universe;”
  2.  Most of our grown foods are made of atoms from the dust of gardens, fields, and orchards,  mixed with a little water and air;
  3.  Next, after we eat our foods, many of the food atoms are used to make our cells and us.

These are the simple basics of the super-intelligent, two-step works for carefully building, sustaining, maintaining, and repairing living cells and creatures, including us. 

So, that is the simple part.  It is the brilliant physical works with atoms for our Life that takes super-intelligence and constant, enormous, caring effort for each of us, 24/7.  

How do we know this now?  Through over three decades of research and development, with input from 20 PhDs,  3 MDs, 9 DScs, 3 Mathematicians, 2 MScs, and 8 Independent Researchers, this new life science shows how we are all amazingly and carefully constructed and maintained by a super-intelligent creative force.  There is only one such force known to mankind.  Our Governments and the majority of our citizens call this force, “God,” as in “One nation under God,” and “In God We Trust” (USA), and “God Save The King” (UK), and “Almighty God, we humbly beseech thee…” (Australia), and “God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free” (Canada), and the national holidays of Christma, Easter, and Thanksgiving Day, that God.

Therein is a second major point that The Atomic Biology Institute needs your help to make: “All students have the right to be taught ‘Why God Is So Highly Recognized By Their Government’.”

For those who say, “Wait a minute. What about separation of church and state?” “Separation of church and state” is not a law but a concept to prevent the state from dictating to churches what they are to do, and the church cannot dictate what the government is to do.   But, please remember that God is not the church. The church can be a building or a group of people who are Protestestants, Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, New Agers, Satanists, or other cults. God is definitely not the church and He should never be judged by what any people do.

God is a significant part of some churches, just as He is a significant part of most of our governments although His super-intelligent advice is often not heeded.

Why the term, “Super-Intelligent”?  This is used for two reasons: first one is because the three Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry 2016 showed us clearly (but unintentionally), that mankind, even with all our vast accumulation of scientific knowledge and highly sophisticated equipment, we humans do not have anywhere near enough intelligence to build even the simplest molecular machine needed for any of our cells; the second even more convincing reason is that bright scientists have been trying to make a living cell from “scratch” (elemental atoms) for over seventy years, and have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that we do not have enough intelligence to do this. By definition, evolution has no intelligence to use, therefore it is incapable and disqualified as both the origin and the cause of Life.

For adults, each of us are made of about 100 Trillion cells of over 200 types, most of which have up to 40 fantastic, microscopic molecular machines, all brilliantly made of atoms to perform complex functions in their cell..

As the founding principles of this new life science of “Atomic Biology” are now formulated, and The Atomic Biology Institute is established and approved as a non-profit charity, the applications and benefits of this new science are being expanded and publicized. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

We have started a series of educational books and booklets titled, “DARWIN’S REPLACEMENT SERIES.” The first in the series, our updated textbook, is the most thorough and technical and is shown below:

It is written in a study/textbook style for schools, colleges, seminaries, universities, and interested science group studies.   It has just been released and can be found on Kindle and Amazon  or by directly Contacting Us  for volume discount prices.



 Part I:   Introducing the Godly Life-Science of“Atomic Biology” as the Replacement for Darwinism

Chapter 1:  The Essentiality of a Super-Intelligent Creator 
Chapter 2:  What Happens at Our Cell Construction Sites
Chapter 3:  Our Phenomenal DNA and RNA  
Chapter 4:  Our Amazing Systems and Senses   
Chapter 5:  Our Incredible Molecular Machines  
Chapter 6:  Is Atomic Biology Falsifiable? 
Chapter 7:  Moving Darwinism, Neo-Darwinism, and
               Macro-evolution to the History Department 

Part II:   Bringing the God of Our Nations                                                                                                                       Back to Our Students  

Chapter 8: Some Persons Dislike Their Concept of God  
Chapter 9:  A Fresh Introduction to the Scientific God of Our Nations
Chapter 10:  God in the Government of the USA 
Chapter 11:  God in the Government of the UK   
Chapter 12:  God in the Government of Australia    
Chapter 13:  God in the Government of Canada  
Chapter 14:  The History of Why Nations Collapse Can
                           Teach Us How To Protect Our Own Nation  
Chapter 15:  Choices and Consequences 
Chapter 16:  Next Steps Forward    
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THE OTHER IS A SIMILAR 40-page 6″ X 9″ “SUMMARY INTRODUCTION” with study questions.

Please use are “Contact Form” at the bottom of this page for more information.

Darwin's Replacement Summary Edition

Chapter 1:  How We Are Amazingly Made
Chapter 2:  Why It Takes “Super-Intelligence”
Chapter 3:  Why Not “Evolution”?                                 Chapter 4:  What Do Our Governments Say?
Chapter 5:  Why Is Evolution Still Being Taught?
Chapter 6:  Why Does Our Creator Care For Us?
Chapter 7:  What Should Educators Do With This?

With all the scientific disagreement re: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as the taught cause of life, WHY are we not teaching at least one logical alternative to our public school students at all pertinent levels?

Atomic biology is less outside-the-box than it is a thorough logical analysis of exactly what has to happen at every cell construction site in order to produce living cell-parts, cells, and entities like us.

Digging into Atomic Biology

As the subject of biology has advanced through cellular biology, molecular biology, and microbiology, it is interesting to note that it had not gone into atomic biology before now.

The likely reason is that when you dig into this level where the right numbers of the right atoms have to be found, sorted, selected, counted, grasped,  and precisely assembled in proper sequence, you discover that intelligence, far beyond that of mankind, is essential to do this highly complex work. 

Evolution, by definition having no intelligence to use, should now be officially out of the running as the taught cause of life.   In fact, those who are forced to continue teaching that evolution explains the origin and cause of life, are being forced to teach a lie.   This will become a growing problem for honest teachers, professors, and education leaders who do not want “Fallacy” to be their “Legacy.

Another major factor is that because atoms have perpetual, controlled energy supplied, but not ‘Life,’ this has to be added in order for cell-parts and cells to live and function.   When this special “Breath-of-Life” is removed, the cell no longer lives.

Our forefathers understood by common sense, logic, and intuition that super-natural work is performed in reliably making our foods and us.  This is why they gave credit to our Creator for His provision of foods and His enormous careful works for each one of us every day.

The Governments of the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, have provided high recognition and appreciation for God’s works through Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and Easter holidays, in Declarations, Constitutions, Pledges of Allegiance, Justice Systems, Anthems, on currencies, public buildings, and more, with slight variations nation to nation.

They had learned through history that nations which disrespected the Creator’s enormous works and care in providing their food and life, soon found themselves in deep trouble.

Are we there again?  In our educational institutions, we have been denying our students their right to know WHY GOD IS SO HIGHLY RECOGNIZED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT.

Today, after about six decades of teaching that we don’t need our Creator because “evolution” is the cause of life, we are falling into the same trap as the 22 empires and nations who drifted into deep trouble and collapsed. 

We have mighty, defensive, military forces, but we also have subtle enemies tearing our standards down from within.

It is time to understand and acknowledge the true cause of life.  Our students need true science that follows the evidence where it leads.  The current academically enforced restriction against this is obviously anti-science, therefore, an official policy must be adopted to allow and encourage students and scientists to follow the evidence wherever it leads, and the results be taught without restriction or reprisal.

Fortunately, a number of education leaders are looking for a suitable alternative to Darwinisms.  There is now so much evidence showing that the theorized purposeless process of evolution is incapable of building cell-parts and causing life.

It is our belief that “Atomic Biology” will prove to be a suitable, logical, and easily understandable alternative to Darwinisms.  Our Creator has probably been using this science since the beginning.

Uses and Benefits of Atomic Biology

The extended applications for this science are under development starting with the following objectives:

  • To provide textbooks for students from grade five through university regarding  accurate details for the origin and cause of life;
  • To show students and other readers how much super-intelligent work and care their Creator provides for them every second of every day;
  • To show “Why” our founding fathers and other Government leaders got it right when they showed in their many ways, the deserved high regard for our Creator.
  • To advance nutritional quality of various foods through atomic analysis and recommendations for agriculture and aquaculture;
  • To provide recommended soil content for various grown foods;
  • To provide similar recommendations for the aquaculture industry;
  • To assist the health-care industry with research into the composition of certain healthy and unhealthy cells to determine what supplemental elements may be needed by unhealthy cells;
  • To research the healing qualities of some international herbal remedies to determine further uses for their healing content.  This will help in development of new medications;
  • To provide the information to the public for the benefits of improving health generally;
  • To assist in lowering health-care costs and related government (taxpayer) costs.


How You Can Help

Your Help Is Urgently Needed for This Significant Project. Darwin’s evolution has been used to separate God from our students and adults for far too long. The resulting confusion, immorality, anxiety, depression, addictions, healthcare costs, policing costs, and general crumbling of our society can be reversed by bringing the trust and wisdom of our Creator back to as many of our students and adults as possible. A number of states are beginning to accept this concept.

We have invested substantial time, effort, and personal funding, and gathered input from 45 scholars over the last three decades to develop this breakthrough science to replace destructive Darwinist teachings.  Now we need your financial support as generous as possible, to help bring this new God-based life-science to our students, education departments, and the general public.   This is a huge challenge after decades of enforced exclusive teaching that evolution is the cause of life so you don’t need a god for anything.

Your influential tax-deductible donation will help to bring the God of our nation and knowledge of His care, back to our students, along with all the other benefits listed above.

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