Atomic Biology

The Newly Discovered Life-Science of “Atomic Biology ”

Don’t let the name scare you.  Although the physical works of building us from our foods involves Super-Intelligence, speed, and enormous care, the basics are simple enough for a fifth-grader to understand.

Through over three decades of research and development, with input from 20 PhDs,  3 MDs, 9 DScs, 3 Mathematicians, 2 MScs, and 8 Independent Researchers, this life-science shows how we are all amazingly constructed and maintained by our super-intelligent Creator.

The term “super-intelligent” is used because the three 2016 Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry showed us (probably unintentionally), that mankind, even with all our accumulated scientific knowledge and sophisticated equipment, we do not have anywhere near enough intelligence to build even the simplest molecular machine needed for any of our cells.

As the founding principles of the proposed new life-science of “Atomic Biology” are formulated, and The Atomic Biology Institute is established, the applications and benefits of this new science are being developed.

Our second book  introducing the subject is shown here.

Replacing Darwinism
Bringing the God of Our Nations Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science

Below are some highlights in this latest book titled “Darwin’s Replacement.” It has just been released and can be found on Kindle and Amazon  or by directly Contacting Us.

With all the scientific disagreement re: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as the cause of life, WHY are we not teaching at least one logical alternative to our public school students at all pertinent levels?

Atomic biology is less outside-the-box than it is a thorough analysis of exactly what has to happen at every cell construction site in order to produce living cell-parts, cells, and entities, including us.

Digging into Atomic Biology

As the subject of biology has advanced through cellular biology, molecular biology, and microbiology, it is interesting to note that it has not gone into atomic biology before now.

The likely reason is that when you dig into this level where the right numbers of the right atoms have to be found, sorted, selected, counted, grasped,  and precisely assembled in proper sequence, you discover that intelligence beyond that of mankind is essential to do this highly complex work.  

Evolution, by definition having no intelligence to use, should now be out of the running as the cause of life.

Also, because atoms have perpetual, controlled energy supplied, but not ‘Life’, this has to be added in order for cell-parts and cells to function.   When this special “breath-of-life” is removed, the cell no longer lives.

Our forefathers understood that super-natural work is performed in reliably making our foods and us.  This is why they gave credit to our Creator for His wisdom and His enormous works for each one of us every day.

The Governments of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia have provided high recognition and appreciation for His works through Thanksgiving Days, Christmas and Easter holidays, in Declarations, Constitutions, Pledges of Allegiance, Justice Systems, Anthems, and more.

They had learned through history that nations which disrespected the Creator’s enormous works and care in providing their food and life, soon found themselves in deep trouble.

Today, after about three generations of teaching that we don’t need our Creator because “evolution” is the cause of life, we are gradually falling into the same trap as the nations who have drifted into deep trouble over the ages.

We have mighty, defensive, military forces, but we also have subtle enemies tearing our standards down from within.

It is time to acknowledge and understand the true cause of life.  Our students need true science that follows the evidence where it leads.  The current academically enforced restriction against this is obviously anti-science.

Fortunately, a number of education leaders are looking for a suitable alternative to Darwinisms as there is now so much evidence showing that evolution is incapable of building cell-parts and causing life.

It is our belief that “Atomic Biology” will prove to be a suitable, logical, and easily understandable alternative.  Our Creator has probably been using this science since the beginning.

Uses and Benefits of Atomic Biology

The extended applications for this science are under development starting with the following objectives:

  • To provide textbooks for students from grade five through university regarding  accurate details for the cause of life;
  • To show students and other readers how much work and care their Creator provides for them every second of every day;
  • To show “Why” our founding fathers and other Government leaders got it right in the US national motto stating, “In God We Trust”;
  • To advance nutritional quality of various foods through atomic analysis and recommendations for agriculture and aquaculture;
  • To provide recommended soil content for various grown foods.  Then by soil analysis, custom fertilizers can be produced to improve specific fields, gardens, and orchards;
  • To provide similar recommendations for the aquaculture industry;
  • To assist the health-care industry with research into the composition of certain healthy and unhealthy cells to determent what supplemental elements may be needed by unhealthy cells;
  • To research the healing qualities of some international herbal remedies to determine further uses for their healing content.  This will help in development of new medications;
  • To provide the information to the public for the benefits of improving health generally;
  • To assist in lowering health-care costs.

Your Help Is Needed for This Major Project

We have invested considerable time, effort, and funding over the last three decades.  To bring this new God-based science to our students, we now need financial help with publicity and presentations to education leaders.

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